“Case for Gold” Free Book Landing Page from Agora Financial

swiped by Mike Schauer from agorafinancial.com

This sales page from Agora Financial uses the "what's you address?" hook to cut right to the chase of their "free book + shipping" offer with newsletter subscription...View More

“Case for Gold” Free Book Landing Page from Agora Financial

Key Takeaways

  • Upon going through the annotations, you'll notice that a big theme a point out is how Jim is using history & historical examples as proof. The idea that history repeats is one many of us believe in or can at least grasp. By using that premise, Jim can then reference historical events that support the future he' selling you on. It's a very creative way of providing proof and usually necessary when you're making a bold prediction, which is often the case in financial sales letters.
  • There are several sales letters from Agora Financial on the site & one thing I try to point out over & over again is how they never really sell you on just their newsletter subscription, which is what they're primarily making money on. Instead, they sell you on bonus books & reports. They constantly come up with new bonus items containing fresh information that they can then use for the basis of their sales hook so it constantly feels new & relevant. If they just had a single unchanging sales page for their newsletter, they wouldn't be anywhere near as successful today. Keep this in mind if you're selling a newsletter, particularly in a market that's always changing, like the financial market.

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