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When a marketing message is very specific and effective to a certain, targeted segment. Proper targeting in a marketing message makes the prospect feel like the marketer is talking directly to them.



Of all the ads in Ogilvy's campaign for Rolls-R...
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“Should Every Corporation Buy Its President a Rolls-Royce?” Ad by David Ogilvy

Financial publisher, Newsmax, states on their a...
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Age-Targeting from Newsmax

If you're unfamiliar with Thumbtack, they've gr...
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Facebook Ad Campaign from Thumbtack

Several years ago, Brent Weaver started the sit...
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“Free Training” Facebook Campaign from Ugurus

I noticed this ad running for several months in...
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Retirement Print Ad from AAG (American Advisors Group)

Do you ever think about how to better customize...
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Segmentation & Personalization from MECLabs

There are few other mediums that allow you to r...
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Age Targeted Facebook Ads from LearnVest

Being someone who knows a bit of programming, I...
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Targeted Stack Overflow Ads from Airpair

I've seen these ads several times on
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Targeted Weather Ads from Duracell

A very simple, but powerful demonstration of au...
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Targeted Sharing Strategy from Boomerang

One of the biggest debates in the online market...
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Mobile Pop-Up from Bleacher Report

After many years of having pretty much the same...
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Segmentation from Clickbank
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Segmentation from Clickbank

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