Targeted Sharing Strategy from Boomerang

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A very simple, but powerful demonstration of automatically tailoring your conversation to your customers. I'm a huge fan of the Boomerang app which allows you...View More

Targeted Sharing Strategy from Boomerang

Key Takeaways

  • Think of ways you can serve up specific messaging to users based on your data. Boomerang did simply by checking the time.
  • Instead of just saying "share this post" or "share my site", try being more specific. Boomerang asks you to tell your friends how you're using it. The reason why this is powerful is because it slightly shifts the user away from thinking they might annoy their friends & instead, implies that they could actually help their friends. In turn, getting praised from friends, which is the ROOT emotion & driver of all sharing activity.

Analyst Spotlight

Mike Schauer

Mike Schaueris the founder of and the main analyst in the swipes section. After intently studying & building conversion-focused websites for 6+ years, he started Swiped to help others master marketing & copywriting through the analysis of great examples!

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