$1 Trial from Yoga Trapeze

swiped by Mike Schauer from yogabody.com

Yoga Trapeze is a unique product from Yoga Body Naturals that from my research, was first made available in 2013. I came across the trapeze in a Facebook ad &...View More

$1 Trial from Yoga Trapeze

Key Takeaways

  • This is a product that's meant to be experienced. Showing a photo of the product would look boring compared to its use which is why they include photos of the product in action. When you're marketing a product that has a fascinating usage or creates fast results, think of how you can showcase that in an image (even a GIF where applicable). If you can quickly show how a product works & it's impressive, it can accelerate a person's buying decision significantly.
  • The $1 trial is appropriately used to lessen the worry of paying full price for something a buyer may quickly find isn't right for them. Because it's not a self-explanatory item, purchase decisions will likely have some skepticism & the idea of "trying" it for only $1 feels a lot less stressful then "buying" it over the internet & hoping you like it.
  • Whenever you're marketing a trial, remember to be very specific about what will happen next. How many days do they have to try it? When will the trial end? When will there card be charged? How hard is it to cancel? Is shipping paid for? and so on.
  • Take note of how their pop-up seems like it has an opt-out option, but really contains two buy buttons. It represents the power of accustomed behavior and layout. We're used to pop-ups having two options that look different and include an opt-in & opt-out option.

Analyst Spotlight

Mike Schauer

Mike Schaueris the founder of Swiped.co and the main analyst in the swipes section. After intently studying & building conversion-focused websites for 6+ years, he started Swiped to help others master marketing & copywriting through the analysis of great examples!

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