“Breakthrough Technique” Youtube Ad (for $27 Course) from Breakthrough Guitar

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Sep 2023

Video Script Summary

The ad starts by teasing a game-changing guitar pattern said to allow effortless play across the fretboard. They critique traditional learning methods as overly complex and back up their methodology with testimonials.

The call-to-action is to watch a free video lesson that will explain the pattern in detail. Urgency is created by hinting at the video’s limited availability due to rising costs via inflation.

They assure viewers that there are no strings attached. Although the video lesson is free, it also acts as a VSL for their $27 course.

Video Script Copy Structure

Hint At a New Breakthrough Technique

  • Introduce The Secret Concept: this unique approach allows you to benefit in a particular way.
    • e.g. "Look at this guitar pattern. What you're looking at is the key that unlocks the guitar neck forever. It lets you hit all the right notes without thinking."
  • Relate to Skepticism: Identify with the reader's potential disbelief based on the bold claim.
    • e.g. "But I bet that sounds too good to be true. Right now, I don't blame you, because I felt the same when I first heard about it too."
  • Address Common Struggles: Highlight the familiar problems that audience might face, emphasizing the new solution.
    • e.g. "Have you ever got sick and tired of playing the same old stuff? Does your playing ever sound dull or mechanical?"

Challenge Conventional Learning Approaches

  • Highlight Flawed Conventional Methods: Draw attention to the limitations and misconceptions of traditional techniques.
    • e.g. "Most guitar players go out there and try to learn as much as they can...yet, as the pros agree, the only way to play freely is when you're not thinking."
  • Present The New Method: Describe the benefits and simplicity of the technique in contrast to the conventional methods.
    • e.g. "Now if you notice, this pattern has seven strings, not six strings like standard guitars...It contains all the right notes for any key."
  • Share Success Testimonials: Provide reactions and testimonials from students to validate the method.
    • e.g. "Joe Griffin said, 'This is a magic key I've been looking for.' Jason Anderson said, 'Nobody has ever made it this easy for me.'"

Promote The Upcoming Video Lesson

  • Introduce the Next Phase: Mention the provision of a more detailed explanation and demonstration in the form of a free video lesson.
    • e.g. "Now of course, you probably have more questions about how all this works. And the good news is, I have all the answers for you. That's why I created the free video lesson on the next page."
  • Ease Potential Hesitations: Assure the reader of the no-strings-attached nature of the lesson.
    • e.g. "Now you don't have to put in your email or anything like that. It's all there for anyone to see right now."
  • Delve Deeper into Pattern Insights: Share what the reader can expect from the lesson to spark curiosity.
    • e.g. "You'll discover how this pattern originally came from the piano and why it's actually one of the first things any beginning piano player learns."

Urgency & Scarcity

  • Use Scarcity to Motivate Action: Instill a sense of urgency by hinting at the video's limited availability.
    • e.g. "Now I do have to say that I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep this page up because inflation is getting out of control, and if costs get too high, I'll just simply have to remove it, which could happen at any time."
  • Reiterate the Call to Engage: Emphasize the importance of not missing out.
    • e.g. "So go ahead and check it out now before you miss your chance. Just click the link on this video right now, then watch the full lesson on the next page."

Frame Breakdown (Captured Every Few Seconds)

The 4 minute video is entirely of the expert talking to the camera with accompanying graphics in the upper right. There is a 10 second countdown before the ad closes.

Full Transcript With Commentary

[Introduce The Secret Concept] Look at this guitar pattern. What you’re looking at is the key that unlocks the guitar neck forever. It lets you hit all the right notes without thinking. It lets you flow up and down the fretboard without hesitation. And it lets you play faster and easier than you ever thought possible. [Relate to Skepticism] But I bet that sounds too good to be true. Right now, I don’t blame you, because I felt the same when I first heard about it too. [Address...
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