“Redefining A Widespread Problem” Youtube Ad (Leads to Webinar) from Peter Sage

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Sep 2023
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Video Script Summary

This ad (with 10+ million views) from Peter Sage targets procrastination as a widespread issue, redefining it as outdated unconscious beliefs sabotaging success (versus laziness).

He establishes credibility as an expert on human behavior and promises a 20-minute free video revealing the root causes of procrastination and providing tools to overcome it. The ad urges immediate action before the opportunity is gone, mentioning that success comes to those who seize opportunities decisively.

Finally, it links procrastination to current global challenges, advocating self-improvement as essential to succeed in current times.

Although the ad hints at a 20-minute video, it ultimately leads you to a 90 minute webinar selling a $349 annual or $49/month membership. However, most of the content is in the first half hour so it’s not completely misleading.

Video Script Copy Structure

Highlight A Universal Problem (Procrastination)

  • Introduce a Widespread Issue With A Shocking Statistic: Address the issue before offering a fresh perspective.
    • e.g. "Serial procrastination is something that affects 80% of the population. Even high-performing intelligent individuals suffer from it."
  • Dispel a Common Misconception: Identify the actual root of the issue.
    • e.g. "Well, contrary to popular belief, it's not down to laziness."
  • Use a Relatable Analogy: Describe the problem in a metaphorical, more understandable way.
    • e.g. "Think of it like outdated software that prevents a computer from running at optimal speed."
  • Promise a Quick Fix: Emphasize the quickness of the solution for immediate action.
    • e.g. "But if you want to shift it quickly, then all I ask is for you to ditch Netflix for 20 minutes."
  • Guarantee No Hidden Costs: Establish trust by being upfront about the offering.
    • e.g. "No sales pitch, it's 100% free. Has to be worth 20 minutes, right?"

Establish Speaker's Authority and Experience

  • Introduce the Expert: Present the speaker's credentials and background to establish credibility.
    • e.g. "My name is Peter Sage. I'm an international best-selling author on human behavior."
  • Narrate Professional Journey: Share experiences and knowledge acquired over the years.
    • e.g. "The lessons I've learned as a serial entrepreneur and as a mentor... have given me a unique perspective on what it takes for somebody to unleash and live their highest potential."

Offer a Solution to The Problem (Procrastination)

  • Offer a Condensed Training Session: Highlight the brevity and value of the proposed presentation.
    • e.g. "Now, I'd like to share with you a very short presentation that condenses the essence of what I teach my students into just 20 minutes."
  • Clarify the Intended Audience: Indicate the kind of people who might benefit from the training.
    • e.g. "Typically, these are people who have experienced some success, but they aren't yet achieving their full potential."
  • Delve into Methodology: Elaborate on how the solution works and its potential outcomes.
    • e.g. "In this video, I dive straight into how to master your inner self and eradicate outdated thought patterns or blockages that hinder your progress."
  • Testimonials & Positive Feedback: Use students' feedback as social proof of the training's effectiveness.
    • e.g. "It was incredibly powerful. It transformed my life, my peer group, and I wanted to say thank you, Peter."

Urge Immediate Action

  • Highlight the Value of Time: Emphasize the limited opportunity to ensure viewer action.
    • e.g. "This isn't a two-hour-long sales webinar, but a short video that gets to the core truth of what's holding you back."
  • Draw on the 'Fear of Missing Out' (FOMO): Make readers aware of the fleeting nature of this opportunity.
    • e.g. "So, don't stall, don't ponder, don't put it off until the next time you see this ad. You may never see it again."
  • End with a Strong, Decisive Message: Drive home the idea that success and change come to those who act promptly.
    • e.g. "Successful people don't hesitate when they see an opportunity; they seize it and ride it with determination."

Contextualize with the Current Environment

  • Link to Current Global Situations: Make the content timely and relevant.
    • e.g. "Let me show you how to get unstuck. In today's global climate, there's one question: Will 2021 crush you, or will you crush 2021?"
  • Position the Content as Essential: Advocate for the urgency of self-improvement in light of recent challenges.
    • e.g. "To find out, invest 20 minutes to discover what's separating you from the success you deserve and overcome it."

Frame Breakdown (Captured Every Few Seconds)

The 3 minute and 44 second video uses a wide variety of shots including Peter talking directly to the camera, text placed over him, text-only animated slides, testimonial videos, stock video and old event footage.

Full Transcript With Commentary

[Introduce a Widespread Issue With A Shocking Statistic] Serial procrastination is something that affects 80% of the population. Even high-performing intelligent individuals suffer from it. But what’s it all about? [Dispel a Common Misconception] Well, contrary to popular belief, it’s not down to laziness. This is why motivation may have a temporary effect on procrastination, but it can never cure it. The reason is that it has a deep-rooted issue, one that originates in our...
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