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“Copywriter, Not Copyrighter” Tee

Join the Copywriter Awareness Movement with our new limited edition tee, specially designed to school outsiders on what a copywriter is & is not. Never strain to explain what a copywriter is again. This shirt does all the explaining for you…Read the full story.

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Revolutionary New T-Shirt Solves 137-Year-Old Problem for Thousands of Frustrated Copywriters

On a beautiful spring afternoon in May of 1880, an ex-insurance salesman named John E. Powers was about to hear some of the most important news of his life.

A few years prior, John made a bold decision. He was going to be a writer.

But not just any writer. News writers were a dime a dozen. Instead, John took a leap of faith into a profession few had ever considered.

He set out to become a copywriter.

As common as print ads are today, in the 1870s, they were almost non-existent. Selling with the written word was something few dared to try.

But John was determined and spent hundreds of hours honing his craft. He was a master wordsmith in the making and…

His career was about to take a major turn.

John had been writing ads for luxury department store Lord & Taylor on a part-time basis.

He enjoyed it, but had grown tired of the infrequent pay.

Unsteady ad-writing jobs was the norm though…

until John Wanamaker came along.

John Wanamaker

Wanamaker was a huge proponent of advertising and would become a marketing pioneer.

His long list of accomplishments include inventing the price tag and concept of a department store.

Unknown to Powers, Wanamaker was paying close attention to his work & was itching to speak with him.

Wanamaker was looking for a skilled copywriter to write for his own department store, Grand Depot and…

He decided to present Powers with the offer of a lifetime.

Little did he know that offer would make the history books…

“John, how would you like to write full-time for me, as a copywriter?”

With almost no hesitation, Powers accepted the offer on the spot. That day, he notched himself in history as…

The world’s first full-time copywriter.

Powers wrote six ads a week for about nine months.

His writing style was new & refreshing at the time. Most advertising copy was wordy & overstated, but he liked to use short, direct & punchy headlines.

On the surface, it seemed picture perfect. He broke ground as the world’s first full-time copywriter. He paved the way for hundreds of thousands to make a living writing copy.

Yet, he faced a major underlying dilemma.

A dilemma rarely spoken of that most every copywriter still faces to this day.

It had nothing to do with his copy, yet everything to do with copywriting itself.

There are numerous cases of copywriters even meeting with psychiatrists in hopes of finding a cure.

Although we were unable to track down exact transcripts, here is an early account of what one of those sessions was like.

Copywriter: “I love what I do! I truly do, but social conversations have become almost impossible. When I introduce myself as a copywriter, 99% of the time the person I’m talking to assumes I’m an intellectual property lawyer.

At a recent cocktail party, I must’ve spent close to 2 hours explaining to people what I do. Why don’t people understand?! Dammit, it has nothing to do with copyright law! NOTHING!

(Cough, cough) O god, my voice has become hoarse again.

I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes I wish I was an accountant, a doctor, something others can easily understand.”

Most outsiders are completely unaware of this problem & for over a century, it’s remained unsolved…


After enduring hundreds of grueling copywriting explanations, it was time to take action.

Introducing the ultimate solution to every copywriter’s secret problem….the official “Copywriter, Not Copyrighter” t-shirt.

Normally, a typical explanation would leave you exhausted & your listeners unenthused. But your new copywriter shirt changes everything.

With your new copywriter shirt, you literally never have to say a word to perfectly explain what you do.

Here’s a demonstration of how it works in an actual conversation…

Them: “What do you do for a living?”

You: (Point to “Copywriter” on your shirt.)

Them: “What’s a copywriter?”

You: (Point to the “Not” part of the shirt)

Them: So, you’re not a legal advisor, content writer, transcriber, english teacher, or politically correct. What are you?

You: (Point to the copy inside the “Copyrighter” box.)

It’s now their job to figure out that what they just read was copy. If they can’t, it’s your decision as to whether you want to move on or give a few hints.

I’ve worn my copywriter shirt about 20x times now and here’s the most shocking thing I’ve found…

Without fail, every time I wear it out, I get complimented and most all of those compliments are NOT from copywriters.

Non-copywriters often find it really interesting and either get it or want to know more.

It’s an ideal conversion starter that ends with others understanding what copywriting is. Before, a scenario like this was almost unfathomable.

How about if an actual copywriter spots you sporting your new shirt in the wild?

Watch out! It will be like you’re reuniting with your long-lost brother. Copywriters may be a growing breed, but they’re still a rare breed.

Where can I get it & for how much?

The ONLY place to get our limited edition “Copywriter, Not Copyrighter” t-shirt is on this page. We don’t sell this or any of our shirts anywhere else.

And to keep things manageable, we only order in small quantities & could stop production at any moment. So to secure a shirt in your size, first check if it’s currently available. If it is available, I suggest you don’t wait & risk these running out in your size.

All you have to pay is $28, no tax & we pay the shipping for you.

Not a copywriter? Most of our customers aren’t.

They just love the message & amount of interest it draws.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a copywriter in your family or friend group? Watch their eyes light up when they discover there’s finally a shirt to represent what they do.

By now, I’d guess you’re really starting to see how this is not just another cool t-shirt. This is you, sharing with the world what copywriting is in a fun & extremely effective way.

It’s been long enough that copywriters have been kept in the dark. It’s time to spread the word about this noble & underrated profession.

Are you tired of continuously repeating redundant & long explanations of what copywriting is?

Are you ready to step up & become an ambassador for every copywriter out there?

Will you join the hundreds of others who are already a part of the movement?

Will you bring the legend of John E. Powers to light & make every copywriter that’s proceeded him damn proud?

Grab your tee now & get your favorite pair of pants ready. One glorious day next week, a select few of you will set out to conquer the world in a brand new “Copywriter, Not Copyrighter” t-shirt.