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Claude Hopkins Tribute Tee

Show your marketing pride with our special-edition tribute tee, dedicated to The Godfather of Direct-Response Marketing, Claude Hopkins. Whether you know it or not, Claude’s had a tremendous impact on your life. Do you brush your teeth daily? Wash your face? Drink orange juice? Buy canned beans? The reason these things exist today is because Claude’s copywriting made them popular. He didn’t just sell products, he invented habits that forever changed our daily lives…Read The Full Story.




He’s The Pioneer Of Modern Advertising, Wrote The Original Marketing Bible & Is Solely Responsible For Many Of Our Daily Habits…

Yet Most People Have Never Heard Of Him…
Until Now.

In this one-of-a-kind tribute to the legendary advertising copywriter, Claude Hopkins, you’ll discover…

  • How Hopkins used a 4-letter word from an old dental textbook to save the world from rotting teeth.
  • How Hopkins’ idea to promote a 10 cent kitchen appliance led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Four groundbreaking marketing concepts that Claude invented over 100 years ago (which are more widely used today than ever).
  • The secret reason why Claude should specifically be on the front of a thousand dollar bill (over every other marketing legend).
  • The exclusive never-before-seen Claude Hopkins swipe file that you’ll receive with your t-shirt purchase.

Later this evening when you (hopefully) brush your teeth before bed…

thank Claude Hopkins for your pearly whites.

Without his copywriting, you may have been in the market for wooden teeth.

Before Claude, a toothbrush was like the internet in 1991…

it existed, but no one used it.

In fact, in the World War I draft, so many recruits had rotting teeth that officials declared poor dental hygiene a national security risk.

During that time, Claude was contacted by an old friend about a new business idea.

Although he was already knee deep in projects, he heard out his eager friend.

The Idea: a minty toothpaste infused with pepsin, a digestive agent designed to break down and digest food deposits on the teeth.

Claude was less than impressed. Door-to-door salesman peddling tooth powders & elixirs were failing miserably. It would be financial suicide.

But his friend persisted & Claude finally caved, agreeing to write the copy in exchange for a fee plus company stock.

Now the big question was…

How could he get a nation of people to purchase something they have no interest in?

Luckily, Claude was up for the challenge & went right to work, pouring over dental textbooks at his local library, hoping for a eureka moment.

Here’s exactly what happened next, in Claude’s own words…

 “In the middle of one book I found a reference to the mucin plaques on teeth, which I afterward called ‘the film.’ That gave me an appealing idea. I resolved to advertise this toothpaste as a creator of beauty. To deal with that cloudy film.” 

It was a stroke of genius.

To build demand for toothpaste, Claude turned poor dental hygiene into a beauty problem & created a believable culprit (the film).

Then he positioned Pepsodent as the only solution to get rid of the film & save your teeth.

The campaign took off like wildfire & Pepsodent became one of the most popular products on the planet.

More than that, in a decade’s time, toothbrushing had become a ritual for over half the American population.

Needless to say, Claude became a wealthy man and secured his spot in the history books.

In truth, he could’ve easily retired, but he was an ad man at heart & far from finished.

In fact, a year after launching his legendary Pepsodent campaign, Claude penned an ad that sparked a billion dollar industry and convinced Americans to adopt a new favorite beverage.

Next time you gulp down a delicious glass of OJ, enjoy a mimosa for brunch, or order a Tequila Sunrise at the bar, send thanks to old man Claude.

In the early 1900s, Americans knew little about citrus fruits and only ate them on occasion.

This caused a problem for California orange growers, particularly Sunkist, who’s production exceeded consumer demand.

Out of desperation, they reached out to Lord & Thomas, the ad agency where Claude worked his magic.

The Solution: Hopkins had a brilliant idea. They would teach the country to “Drink An Orange”.

In the ad, Hopkins described orange juice as a delicious, healthy beverage that aided digestion and was a “natural regulator”.

It stated, “every mother & wife would be careful to serve (orange juice) to the whole family at every meal”.

The copy was on point, but what actually made the concept work was the 10 cent offer for a Sunkist juice extractor.

Because of America’s juice adoption, average orange consumption per serving went from half an orange to two to three oranges.

Orange juice continues to be one of the most consumed beverages in the world & Sunkist is still thriving…

all thanks to the one & only, Claude Hopkins.

Now, I could tell you how his advertising also made canned beans a household item or how he convinced women to wash their face with soap before applying makeup…

but you’ll discover that in the exclusive swipe file you’ll receive with your t-shirt purchase.

Meanwhile, let’s put your knowledge to the test.

Can you guess what foundational marketing concept(s) below can be credited to good ol’ Claude?

  • The Free Trial Model
  • The Freemium Model
  • Mail-Order Coupons
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Internet Marketing

If you guessed all five, I (and Mr. Hopkins), salute you.

Okay, maybe take internet marketing off the list (although he did lay the foundation).

However, every other item is fair game & you will see examples of these in the swipe file you’ll receive with your shirt.

By now, I’d imagine you have a much stronger sense of how influential Hopkins was, not just for us marketers & copywriters, but people around the globe.

And this is said without mention of his monumental book, Scientific Advertising…

which many consider to be the first book you should read as a copywriter.

Written almost a century ago, it contains foundational knowledge that’s still applicable today.

Advertising legend David Ogilvy famously said, “nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.”

Marketing mastermind Jay Abraham admits to reading it over 50 times.

In the hit TV series Mad Men, it made an appearance in the very first season.

Overall, in the course of a century, millions have put their trust in Claude’s knowledge & he’s delivered big.

In short, you could could say, “In Claude, We Trust”.

But what’s the reasoning for putting him on a $1,000 bill?

Good question, but first…

Did you know: A $1,000 bill actually existed when Hopkins was alive.  They were printed steadily in the early 1900s, stopped production in 1945 & were officially discontinued in 1969, due to lack of use.

However, things have changed. A thousand dollar purchase isn’t just for the Rockefellers anymore.

The growing number of skilled marketers and copywriters making their clients massive windfalls is at an all-time high.

We’re delivering big ROI & virtual payouts just aren’t as fun.

Briefcases with stacks of hundreds? Better.

But a single 4.5″ x 2″ piece of paper worth $1000. Now that’s exciting!

And who better to adorn a resurrected thousand dollar bill than a founding father of our industry…

who started writing copy at Lord & Thomas with a salary of…

wait for it…

$1,000 Per Week.

That was in 1908. In today’s economy, that would equate to $27,439 per week and over $1 million per year.

The number was so impressive, Claude used it in an ad to demonstrate his agency’s high caliber.

That’s how much they valued good copywriters.

And thanks to Hopkins’ initiative, the copywriting industry continues to grow in popularity.

Which is why I’m excited to offer you the only piece of apparel in the world that pays homage to the man we can all agree, is a legend amongst legends.

I admittedly get asked more about the meaning of this shirt than any other one I wear.

“Who is Claude?”

I’m proud to say I’ve schooled at least a dozen outsiders on who he is and not surprisingly…

they proceed to ask me how to buy the shirt.

Nothing compares to wearing this shirt and getting spotted by another marketer or copywriter though.

The shirt is like a secret password or inside joke amongst friends.

Industry folks know it right away, while most outsiders are left wanting to know more.

And if you bump into someone who isn’t in our field and understands this, you’ve found yourself a smart cookie and possibly a new friend or partner.

The shirt’s thousand dollar bill was carefully constructed using authentic federal reserve seals & fonts, with a few special surprises (see if you can spot them in the third photo from the gallery).

The details are so remarkably accurate it’s as if the United States government issued a certified Claude Hopkins $1,000 bill & I taped it on to the shirt.

The premium quality shirt is a gorgeous, vintage off-white that immediately sets this shirt apart from a sea of boring white tees.

Back in the early 1900s, a vibrant red would go perfect with this vintage white hue, which is why imprinting the original red branding makes for the perfect marriage of style.

These truly are limited & could be out of stock at any moment, so if you want to be one of the select few who has the only Claude Hopkins shirt in existence, don’t delay & check to see if your size is still available now. 

Remember, you also get a special edition Claude Hopkins swipe file with your purchase, which you will have access to immediately after checkout.