Amish-Built Fireplace Campaign from Heatsurge

swiped by Mike Schauer from ran 2008-Present

"Amish Mantel and Miracle Invention Help Home Heat Bills Hit Rock Bottom."

Why would the Amish, who are known for shunning technology, be involved in the manufacturing of a heater? It makes no sense & yet, company Heatsurge continues...View More

Amish Mantel and Miracle Invention Help Home Heat Bills Hit Rock Bottom.

Key Takeaways

  • Fake or not, Heatsurge effectively uses the Amish in their marketing to reflect high-quality craftsmanship & values of honesty & integrity. The big takeaway here is to associate your brand with people & groups that have certain qualities you want the brand to be known for. The characteristics and reputation of the people your brand associates with will carry over to how people view your overall brand. This is why companies are so particular in choosing their spokesmen. Once a spokesperson stops representing the desired qualities, they drop them.
  • Although Heatsurge exaggerates & deceptively uses the Amish in their marketing, if you read carefully, they are only claiming that the Amish make the wooden mantles.
  • This is a great example of finding an angle that seems unbelievable, but actually is true & can be used as a great hook. Heatsurge just takes it a little far.
  • They do an excellent job of using supporting imagery. The image of a bunch of Amish people creating wood mantles like they're elves in Santa's workshop is interesting for sure (& although comical, it does make the Amish concept seem more real to people). Do take note that every single one of their images has supporting captions. It's a good habit to always provide captions to give context to the image.
  • They place a heavy emphasize on two big tactics - a strict deadline (urgency) & a limited purchase amount (scarcity). I highly doubt they enforced it, but the psychological effect is what you want to pay attention to here.
  • The "Fireless Flame" patent technology is a brilliant example of establishing a unique edge in the market that only they can claim. It's a catchy name & because it's patented, people will be less likely to look elsewhere for a similar product.
  • Note how the primary focus throughout the ad is on the "free heater". They're focusing on the free item - the incentive - using it to justify the purchase price. This is a common theme you'll see elsewhere, especially when selling subscriptions. It demonstrates the power of a bonus.

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