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Lopaze L. Verified Buyer
Love it!
I really like the shirt quality material and look forward to seeing what else you sell in the future.
Lee N. Verified Buyer
Great t-shirt
I love the design of this T-shirt. Being a copywriter, I hear the kind of discourse all the time that led to the making of this.
David B. Verified Buyer
As Predicted… People Ask Me About This Shirt
Mike, Thanks for sharing your awesome idea and shirt design with your community. The work many of us do is often confusing for people who don't live and breathe marketing. When I tell people I build funnels, they assume I spend all day in a plastic molding factory or something. This shirt has proven to be a great conversation starter. I'm so glad you've created it!
Leigh W. Verified Buyer
Great Site, Great Shirt
I've been selfishly snooping for some time now as a source of inspiration and education. When reading through this site you always get the sense that Mike truly cares about the craft of copy and community of people involved. When I heard there was now a something I could pay for I whipped out the wallet and placed an order on the spot. Turns out the t-shirt is bad ass and great fit too!
Sam D. Verified Buyer
Awesome T-Shirt!
Love it!
Russell L. Verified Buyer
Like a gangland hand signal
I love this design. Period. I wear this every time with the anticipation that I'm going to get that nod, that secret hand signal from those who know. It is like a ticket to the club. Fight club, sometimes, but club nonetheless
Szabolcs S. Verified Buyer
Hi, after I got the email that you launched a T-Shirt, I immediately clicked on the order button (I didn't need to read the copy to get sold, I am probably in the target audience this shirt was designed for :) ). I ordered it to Germany, there were no problems, I got the package faster than expected. I love the T-Shirt, so far looks pretty good. I love your website, I just started out with copywriting and you help me a lot. Thanks and keep up the good work! Szabolcs
Ben K. Verified Buyer
Great Message and Conversation Starter!
This is my new favorite shirt. No one else on my creative team has a shirt that defines their roles (take that, Design!). This is a joke that takes time to develop — if you're someone you likes having people stop you on the street and squint at your torso for 15-20 seconds, this is the shirt for you!
Dan M. Verified Buyer
Great T-Shirt!!!
I was stopped a 2 copywriters in New York. A medical doc asked me if that's a "play on words" Really? It doesn't really matter how we state to the masses what we do... they're never going to get it. Maybe it's for the best to keep our thang obscure. Love the T. It's from American Apparel so the quality is good. Will order a toddler sized one for my kiddies. -Cheers. Dan. Brookkyn NY