Vision Break-through BluBlocker Ad by Joe Sugarman

swiped by Swipe-Worthy ran 1987

"Vision Break-through"

This is one of the BluBlocker ads that helped Joe Sugarman sell 20 million pairs! As a kid, I always enjoyed wearing my dad's Blublockers & now, as a marketer,...View More

Vision Break-through

Key Takeaways

  • Use the power of storytelling as a happy customer to disarm prospects & minimize the feel of you "selling them". When you have a customer doing the talking, people are more likely to trust & believe what's being said.
  • When you sell a quality product & a lot of care goes into your process, you want to get that across in your advertising in a very detailed & clear way. That's a huge asset for your marketing & builds immense value around your product.
  • When selling your product, hit multiple selling angles like Sugarman. He focused first on the emotions you'll feel when you put them on & then focused on how harmful not wearing them could be to your health.
  • Are you selling a lower-priced product in a market that has a large luxury market? Like this ad, don't shy away from making a comparison & making the luxury brands look silly.

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