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Sep 2023

Video Script Summary

The ad starts with a compelling question that elicits an obvious answer: would you pay $12 for a cheese grater on Amazon or less than $2 on Alibaba for the same product?

The ad reveals that many people pay higher prices on Amazon for products available much cheaper from suppliers. Examples include an ice cube mold and a water bottle, sold at significantly marked-up prices.

Using specific examples like this to illustrate the shocking price disparity makes the hook powerful.

The script proposes a shift from being a consumer to becoming a seller on Amazon, pointing out the potential to profit from these price gaps.

The narrator, Tom Wang, shares his success story as an 8-figure Amazon seller and founder of a skincare company. Tom emphasizes mentorship’s importance in his journey and introduces a free training video outlining his system for success.

The ad concludes by inviting viewers to take action and learn more about the Amazon business opportunity.


Video Script Copy Structure

Introduction and Context Setting

  • Engaging Comparison Question That Elicits An Obvious Answer: Start with a contrasting scenario to immediately capture and engage the reader.
    • e.g. "If you had a choice, would you rather pay twelve dollars for this cheese grater on Amazon or pay less than two dollars on Alibaba for the exact same thing?"
  • Real-World Data Sharing: Share surprising figures to establish the scope of the opportunity.
    • e.g. "Well, believe it or not, over 16,000 people paid $12 for this product on Amazon last month."

Exposing the Price Gap (Opportunity) With Compelling Examples

  • Pointing Out Overpriced Products: Showcase products on one platform that are more expensive compared to another platform.
    • e.g. "Almost every single product sold on Amazon is sold at 5 to 10 times the price you can get it from a supplier."
  • Specific Product Examples: Use detailed examples to emphasize the point and help readers see the opportunities.
    • e.g. "Take this ice cube mold on Amazon, for example."
  • Reflective Question on Purchasing Habits: Prompt reflection about individual purchasing decisions.
    • e.g. "But why do thousands of people pay more on Amazon for the exact same product?"

Introduction to the Selling Opportunity

  • Reframing the Reader's Perspective: Position the audience as potential sellers, presenting a new perspective.
    • e.g. "But if you know where to look, it's not that hard to find these big price gaps, like you just saw, and become a seller on Amazon."
  • Affordability Aspect: Highlight the minimal cost associated with starting a business venture.
    • e.g. "It costs you only $49 per month to set up a seller account."
  • Sharing a Success Story: Share a personal success story to make the opportunity tangible and believable.
    • e.g. "And that's how I became a self-made millionaire by the age of 27."

Personal Introduction and Trust Building

  • Introduction and Achievements: Introduce oneself, focusing on significant milestones to build trust and credibility.
    • e.g. "Hi, my name is Tom Wang. I'm an eight-figure Amazon seller and the founder of Sadara Skincare, which I recently sold for multiple seven figures."
  • Personal Growth Story: Share relatable past experiences to humanize oneself.
    • e.g. "I used to be the guy who would pay more expensive prices on Amazon for the exact same product on Alibaba."
  • Emphasizing the Importance of Guidance: Discuss the importance of mentorship in personal growth.
    • e.g. "It was only after I worked with a mentor that my results on Amazon started to scale and become more consistent."

Transition to the Offer

  • Introduction to the Strategy: Present a tailored system, stressing its effectiveness and worth.
    • e.g. "If you want to get the exact system I use, I created a special free training video for you."
  • Encouraging Immediate Engagement: Suggest a clear next step, encouraging readers to delve deeper.
    • e.g. "All you have to do is click around this video to watch a short training video."
  • Highlighting Simplicity and Depth: Stress the straightforward and detailed nature of the training.
    • e.g. "It's only about 15 minutes long, but I'll show you how this business model works in detail."

Conclusion and Look Ahead

  • Reinforcing the Opportunity: Re-emphasize the potential of the business opportunity.
    • e.g. "Learning to flip products like this is one of the best decisions I made, and I hope it's something that you can decide to look into as well."
  • Directing to the Next Step: Provide a clear call-to-action, guiding readers towards the training video.
    • e.g. "To get an overview of the business, just click the link below, and I'll see you on the other side."

Frame Breakdown (Captured Every Few Seconds)

The 3 and a half minute video contains footage of the expert talking to the camera in a pure white setting, combined with stock footage, footage of successful students and screenshots for proof and demonstration. The ad ends with a 10 second countdown.

Full Transcript With Commentary

[Engaging Comparison Question That Elicits An Obvious Answer] If you had a choice, would you rather pay twelve dollars for this cheese grater on Amazon or pay less than two dollars on Alibaba for the exact same thing? [Share Real-World Data] Well, believe it or not, over 16,000 people paid $12 for this product on Amazon last month. This person selling the product on Amazon is making over $200,000 in sales per month. Shocking, right? [Point Out Overpriced Products] But here’s what you...
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