Automatic Clients Book “Done For You” Upsell ($197 Rapid Launch Stack)

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Sep 2023

Video Script Summary

This is the first upsell ($197 Rapid Launch Stack) for a popular book funnel (Automatic Clients). The upsell is positioned as a shortcut to faster results.

It starts by congratulating the customer on their purchase decision, emphasizing the transformational journey ahead. Then they contrast between the customer’s situation before and after using the product. Real-life success stories are shared to showcase the power of the system.

The copy motivates the reader by telling them “It’s your turn” to achieve the same success, but reminds them they must take action. It expresses the intention for the reader to succeed, not just make money.

The key obstacle – taking action – is further addressed, in which an additional solution is offered to help bridge this gap.

The offer promises time-efficiency, ease of use, and big value. It includes ready-made templates and assets so the user can shortcut the process.

The copy concludes by recapping the benefits and underscoring the importance of this opportunity. It positions the offer as essential for expedited results and emphasizes decisiveness and contrasts action vs inaction.

Video Script Copy Structure

Congratulate And Affirm Their Decision

  • Introduce Yourself And Congratulate The New Customer: Introduce the speaker(s) and emphasize the importance of their purchase decision.
    • e.g. "Hello, Robert Nikelius here.On behalf of myself and my business partner Alen Sultanic, we want to congratulate you on making one of the most important decisions in your entrepreneurial journey."
  • Affirm Their Purchase Decision: Validate the reader's action by associating it with positive outcomes.
    • e.g. "By deciding to download the Automatic Clients book, you've just set off a series of events in motion..."

Tease the Transformational Journey Ahead

  • Paint A New Post-Purchase Future: Contrast the reader’s previous situation to their potential future state.
    • e.g. "You just went from not knowing how to create a converting offer, and now you're about to have one of the strongest offers in your market."
  • Emphasize The Transformation Ahead: Highlight the considerable shift from a low value to high value.
    • e.g. "...but you can also turn those five-dollar sales into five thousand to ten thousand dollar sales..."
  • Highlight Exclusivity of Teachings: Make the reader feel like they have access to unique information.
    • e.g. "You now have an ability that less than one percent of digital entrepreneurs will ever have..."

Use Real-Life Success Stories

  • Spotlight Multiple Testimonials: Share success stories to demonstrate the efficacy of the system.
    • e.g. "Like Mike Ghana, who went from making 10K a month to 100K a month using the Automatic Clients model..."
  • Show Variability in Success: Exhibit that success can come in different forms and scales.
    • e.g. "Or just like Nick Klein, who never launched an info Asian product. He came in with zero experience and got his first sale with just four clicks."

 Empower Them: "You Can Do It Too"

  • Position the Reader at the Cusp of Transformation: Encourage the reader to envision their own success.
    • e.g. "It's your turn to finally build a seven-figure business that you've always dreamed of."
  • Provide a Simple Action Plan: Offer a straightforward path to success.
    • e.g. "All you have to do is crack open the book, read it, follow the step-by-step directions, and implement everything that we outline in the book."
  • Emphasize Reciprocal Commitment: Emphasize the importance of mutual promises, asserting that the reader needs to uphold their end of the deal.
    • e.g. "And that's why the decision you just made to get the Automatic Clients book is the second most important decision of your entrepreneurial journey."

Their Intention Is For You To Succeed

  • State the Positive Motivation Behind the Offer: Reveal the reason for providing the book and the larger goal in sight.
    • e.g. "When we decided to write the Automatic Clients book, we decided to do something a little bit different. It wasn't to make as much money as possible... Instead, we decided that our number one goal was to generate as many success stories as possible."
  • Highlight Genuineness of Testimonials: Stress the authenticity of testimonials as opposed to superficial success.
    • e.g. "Everyone knows these days you can rent a lifestyle... But one thing you cannot rent, fake, or manufacture are real people just like you getting real results in the real world."

Address the Main Obstacle: Taking Action

  • Highlight the Difference between Knowing and Doing: Underline the disconnect between acquiring knowledge and taking action.
    • e.g. "Because knowing what to do is only half the battle, and the other half is actually doing it."
  • Show Empathy and Personal Experience: Relate to the reader’s potential reservations and obstacles.
    • e.g. "And trust me, I get it, I've been there myself."
  • Emphasize the Time Involved: Describe the effort required but then motivate them to overcome this.
    • e.g. "The truth is, creating a real business online takes time... It all takes time."

Offer the Solution and Promise Assistance

  • Position the Offer as a Solution: Make it clear that the solution being offered can bridge the gap.
    • e.g. "And today, because you've made it here, we're gonna put an end to all of this."
  • Pledge Continued Support: Reassure the reader that they are not alone in this journey.
    • e.g. "Because we're going to help you build a real, sustainable business that works."

Emphasize Time-Efficiency & Ease

  • Highlight Time-Saving Benefits: The copy underscores the importance of time efficiency and simplifying the process.
    • e.g. "...will cut your time to market by 90 percent."
  • Present Shortcut Opportunity versus Continuing As Is: The writer teases a faster way to achieve success.
    • e.g. "...if you want to have a shortcut to your success, then this is for you."

Display Generosity & Value

  • Unveil Exclusive Access: Readers are alerted to an exclusive, previously inaccessible offer.
    • e.g. "...for the first time ever, we are allowing people outside of our high-ticket coaching..."
  • Explain the Reasoning Behind Generosity: The underlying business philosophy is shared to reinforce authenticity and motivation.
    • e.g. "our North Star isn't how much money we make; it's about how many successful clients we can create."
  • Present Upsell & Stress Speed: The process's speed is accentuated by specific timeframes.
    • e.g. "you can go from idea to execution in two to four weeks instead of two to four months."

Describe Comprehensive Offer & Benefits

  • Showcase Ease with Templates & Ready-made Assets: The offer is positioned as plug-and-play, requiring minimal effort from the user.
    • e.g. "All you have to do is get access to the Rapid Launch Stack and copy our entire funnel, then just fill in the blanks..."
  • Emphasize Completeness of the Offer: The entire process is illustrated as being very thorough.
    • e.g. "The Rapid Launch Stack includes everything that you need to launch your offer..."
  • Emphasize Quality of What You're Getting: The quality of included assets is emphasized.
    • e.g. "You don't even have to know how to build a sales funnel because we're going to give you the seven-figure sales funnel..."

Detail Components & Validate Value

  • List Out Individual Components: Each part of the offer is individually listed, stressing the value of each.
    • e.g. "Here's everything that you're going to get with the seven-figure sales funnel: you're going to get the front-end sales page..."
  • Stress High Conversions: The effectiveness of the offer is highlighted with conversion metrics.
    • e.g. "It uses CPA offers, e-commerce, and long-form sales letter style to get 8 to 22 percent conversion rates."
  • Quantify Potential Savings: Comparisons to external costs highlight the offer's value.
    • e.g. "If you were to get this custom made, it would easily set you back twenty-five thousand dollars."

Demonstrate Ease And Comprehensiveness

  • Showcase Turnkey Solutions: Everything is prepared and requires minimal effort or customization.
    • e.g. "You don't even need to know Photoshop or even hire a graphic designer... all you have to do is just modify them and you're good to go."
  • Underscore Comprehensive Strategies: A crucial aspect of online marketing, email strategies, are covered comprehensively.
    • e.g. "'re also going to get all of our proven email autoresponders and automations."

Conclude with Recap & Emphasize Importance

  • Reiterate Offer Benefits: Summarize key points to remind readers of the offer's value.
    • e.g. "And once you have all of this in place, you'll have everything that you need to sell an unlimited number of copies of your books and courses."
  • Stress Importance of Decision & Consequences of Passing On The Offer: The reader's decision's significance is accentuated to motivate action.
    • e.g. "And that's why this is the most important decision you're going to make on your entire entrepreneurial journey."

Positioning The Product As Essential

  • Promise Immediate Benefits: The copy emphasizes the advantages of using the product to expedite success.
    • e.g. "done, tested, and proven and use it for yourself so you can skip the learning and get straight to the earning."
  • Highlight High Value & Discounted Access: Reminds the reader that they're getting a unique opportunity to gain access to something highly valuable at a reduced cost.
    • e.g. "for the first time ever, you're getting a shot at something that others had to pay five thousand to ten thousand dollars to get."
  • Promise Faster Results: The product assures faster achievements than previously considered achievable.
    • e.g. "You're getting a shot at something that will instantly speed up your time to launch faster than you thought possible."

Using the Power of Reassurance

  • Offer a Guarantee: Instills confidence by ensuring that there is no risk involved.
    • e.g. "Because this is all backed by a 100 percent risk-free, no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee."
  • List the Positive Implications: Describes the numerous positive outcomes that arise from making the decision to purchase.
    • e.g. "It means that you no longer have to wonder when and where your next customer is going to come from."

Building Credibility and Authority

  • Show Proven Results: The text showcases success stories of others to prove its efficacy.
    • e.g. "Others are finding out about this, they're downloading the book, and using the Rapid Launch Stack to generate ten thousand, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand dollars..."
  • Emphasize Investment & Dedication: Describes the significant time and financial investments made into the product, which underscores its quality and value.
    • e.g. "We spent over 388,000 and eleven months to create, test, and fine-tune everything that we're giving you."

Creating a Sense of Exclusivity and Scarcity

  • Remind of the Unique Offer: Makes it clear that this opportunity is not going to be offered again, urging the reader to act.
    • e.g. "So here's a one-time offer which you will see only this once."
  • Emphasize High Value and Discounted Price: By comparing the actual cost to develop the product and the discounted rate the customer will get, it creates a sense of a valuable deal.
    • e.g. "Even if you paid half of that, which is still one thousand nine hundred and forty dollars, that's still a great deal considering what you're going to be able to accomplish with the Rapid Launch Stack."

Emphasizing Decisiveness and Action

  • Encourage to Make a Choice: The copy reinforces the importance of making a decision now.
    • e.g. "The choice is yours. You can click the button below to get started with the Rapid Launch Stack and finally start getting customers and clients or you can close this page and go back to trying to figure this all out yourself."
  • Stress on the Contrast Between Action and Inaction: It makes clear the difference between taking the offer and missing out.
    • e.g. "If you're ready to stop trying and finally start succeeding, then click the button below and we'll see you on the inside."

Frame Breakdown (Captured Every Few Seconds)

The video starts with one of the product creators talking to the camera for 30 seconds. Then it switches to classic black and white text slides. Additional footage includes customer testimonials and footage of the content.

Full Transcript With Commentary

Deliver Initial Message Facing The Camera [Introduce Yourself And Congratulate New Customer On Their Important Decision] Hello, Robert Nikelius here. On behalf of myself and my business partner Alen Sultanic, we want to congratulate you on making one of the most important decisions in your entrepreneurial journey. [Affirm Their Purchase Decision] By deciding to download the Automatic Clients book, you’ve just set off a series of events in motion. As you’re about to discover, this is...
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