Million Dollar Smile Ad by Gary Halbert

swiped by Mike Schauer ran 1998

"Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With A "Million Dollar Smile"?"

This advertorial, written by Gary Halbert, is ultimately selling you on two things. First, that porcelain veneers are the absolute best, most cost-effective solution...View More

Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With A

Key Takeaways

  • One of the most important aspects of this ad is the point-of-view it was written from. Gary writes the entire ad as a satisfied customer that doesn't have any special dentistry knowledge. In fact, you'll notice he mentions several times that he's "not a dentist" & that this is his personal "opinion". Writing in a third-party voice can be very powerful in that it's not the provider directly selling you (which naturally creates skepticism since they're invested in the sale).
  • It also helps that Gary uses plain-speak & common-sense to sell the service. Potential prospects are more likely to resonate with his explanation versus the actual technician that'll likely have a harder time dumbing it down.
  • Adding to that, one of my favorite strategies in the ad is the analogy he uses to compare levels of teeth whitening with diamond grading. It's another example of making a concept easier to understand for a wide range of people. A relatable metaphor can be a huge asset in your copy to help the prospect see buying as the sound logical decision.
  • Use the "reverse complaint" strategy to highlight the biggest "downside" of your solution as something insignificant, signifying there are no real cons. For instance, Gary closes the ad by talking about how he's slightly irritated that he didn't get to finish watching a movie on Dr. Gleghorn's "TV glasses". Not only does this imply there's really no downsides. It also hints at a cool perk that could be a very big selling point for people.

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