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CONGRATULATIONS! Mike Schauer here, founder & designer of your new shirt. Congrats on snagging one of my limited-edition tees! So excited for you right now. You’re going to love the quality and (warning) if you’re like most customers, you may get addicted to wearing it.

Now that you’re officially a part of the family, I have a very special surprise for you.

We’re on the verge of releasing what many are calling a "game-changing" platform that reveals the secret success factors behind the biggest marketing campaigns & funnels online.

Think of us as a group of top-secret investigators, on a mission to help you deeply understand The Matrix of how direct-response marketing & copywriting REALLY works.

And we do it all through our revolutionary new platform.

It’s been 4 years in the making & is finally complete, but we’ve yet to release it to the public.

You see, we don’t want just anyone wandering in. We’re starting with a small group of carefully selected action-takers.

Current members include A-Player marketers like Russell Brunson & million dollar copywriters like Kevin Rogers & David Deutsch, just to name a few.

And since you bought a t-shirt, I’m guessing you’re committed to your craft & may be qualified.

In a moment, I will share with you, EXACTLY what’s inside this long-awaited dream site.

But first, let’s establish whether you’re the right fit.

Beta Tester Qualification Survey

As a beta tester, you'll be getting access to high-level information & should have a basic understanding of direct-response marketing & copywriting. What describes you best?

Our members are savvy entrepreneurs, consultants & freelancers that understand the power of effective marketing & copywriting. What describes you best?

This site is for action-takers & high performers. They understand the power of studying what the best of the best are doing & implementing what they learn. What describes you best?

Now, time for the good stuff!

What the heck is this secret platform & why are all these big-name marketers & copywriters raving about it?

Unless you’re brand new to, I’m guessing you’re familiar with the current archive on the site.

No doubt, it’s been super valuable to thousands of marketers, copywriters & entrepreneurs. In fact, so many heavy hitters in the online marketing community follow the site, it still shocks me to this day.

However, what I’ve released thus far to the public is only a teeny, tiny taste of what I have in store for you today.

But before I tell you exactly what’s inside, I want to share something very important with you.

I’m going to reveal a little-discussed truth closely held & abided by the top 1% of all marketers & copywriters.

If you get anything out of this letter, I want you to remember this.

From my almost decade-long experience in this industry, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s ONE METHOD for learning direct-response marketing & copywriting that trumps all other methods.

There’s NO COMPARISON to this, whatsoever. Ask the top 1% of copywriters & marketers…

“What is the #1 Fastest Way To Become A Confident, Expert-Level Direct-Response Marketer/Copywriter That Can Deliver Profitable Results Almost At Will?”

And I guarantee you, that besides the typical “practice daily” advice, they will tell you this…

Study exactly what the million-dollar earners & A-player direct-response companies are DOING & reverse engineer them.

THAT is how you truly learn at record speed, outplay your competition without breaking a sweat & basically look like a genius in front of your clients & colleagues.

It’s the only way to discover “what’s working now” without having to sink thousands of your own dollars into running finger-crossing tests & hoping you come out ahead.

And it doesn’t involve dropping $2,000 on an overhyped course that you’ll spend dozens of valuable hours going through, only to find out it’s not what you expected it to be.

You see, marketing gurus NEED you to believe that following their structured systems & lengthy modules will give you everything you need to succeed.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t buy & they’d be dead broke.

But the truth is…

you NEVER get the complete formula from them & instead, are fed a watered down version of what they SAY is “their secret”.

In fact, many of them don’t even follow what they teach in their own programs.

The amount of hypocrites out there, raking in millions, is insane.

In this industry, this popular saying rings true as ever…

“Watch What They Do, Not What They Say.”

But how do you effectively “watch what they do”?

How do you stay on top of an industry that’s constantly changing, without pulling your hair out?

That’s where we come in!

In Insiders (the name of our new membership), every month we reverse engineer every piece & component of top-earning marketing funnels & campaigns FOR YOU.

Because let’s be honest, the idea of studying what the big earners are doing is exciting, but who the heck has the time to do in-depth research, meticulously sift through it, and extract the golden nuggets from the junk.

After all, I know plenty of guys with giant swipe files that couldn’t even tell you what’s in them.

They lay dormant on their hard drives, collecting dust, because there’s simply not enough time to sort through & study them.

And I get it. I was the same way. Everyday I’d save new screenshots to my packed-to-the-brim swipe folder, yet I’d barely revisit or even remember what I saved.

Which is exactly why I put so much time & energy into building Insiders as the ULTIMATE WAY to stay in-the-know and up to date on exactly what’s working right now for the best of the best marketers & advertisers.

As an Insider, every month, you’ll receive in-depth, expert-level breakdowns of entire funnels. And when I say entire, I mean we document every single step, every single tactic & strategy, all the upsells, all the downsells, the checkout, the email sequence, VSL transcripts & much, much more.

I guarantee you these are the most revealing breakdowns you’ve ever seen in your life. It takes not hours, but multiple DAYS to do the research, document & THEN analyze every facet, from A-to-Z.

It’s Like Hiring An Around The Clock Team of Expert Marketing Analysts To Document & Dissect Entire Marketing Funnels & Hand Them To You In An Organized Report.

Only difference is, that would cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars per month (you’re going to need experienced professionals), plus the documentation will be subpar at best.

Our documentation: take a look… [ the funnel ]

We’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours building out a custom platform JUST for funnel breakdowns. It’s insane.

And every single funnel breakdown is in this format, but know what’s crazy?

The Funnel Breakdowns Are Just A Tiny Fraction of What’s Inside

There are so many new mind-blowing sections, that if we took away the funnel breakdowns, it would STILL be worth it. Let’s go through some of them now…

The Agora Search

Ever hear of Agora Publishing? The billion-dollar, direct-response publisher responsible for hundreds of multi-million dollar promotions. They put out new sales letter promos everyday & if it does crack a million dollars, it’s a failure.

Well, we created a custom search that hacks Google to search through 30+ of their sites, revealing 1000+ of their sales letters. Even guys from Agora use it. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this.

The Facebook Ad Revealer + 5 Other Custom Swiping Tools

You know how Facebook allows you to see other companies ads now? Pretty cool, right? Except they don’t reveal the most valuable thing, how much ENGAGEMENT the ads get. How many likes did they get, the amount of comments, when were they posted? Without this data, you’re simply guessing what’s working, but WITH IT, you’ll see exactly what there best performing ads are. This is a member’s favorite.

Here’s A Preview of The Other Private Tools You Get

The Wistia Opener & Extractor

90% of marketers use Wistia these days. With this plugin, you can not only download Wistia videos, but also see the date they were uploaded. That way, you know how long they were running.

The 1-Click Researcher

Instantly look up any website on 15+ competitive research sites in 1 click! It’s the fastest way to do research online.

The Reveal-All Plugin

Reveals all hidden elements on a page. Never wait for a call-to-action button again. Also, you can see any split-tests that are being run.

And still we haven’t scratched the surface…

The Legends Section

The most comprehensive collection of swipes, ads & sales letters from the legends. David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, John Caples, Robert Collier & more!

The Power Word & Phrase Finder

A searchable, categorized database of over 5,000 power words & phrases. Never be at a lost for words again.

The Components Search

Like the main archive search, but you can search for components like openers, closes, guarantees, takeaway selling & dozens of other types.

The Private Facebook Group

This is where members go to congregate & where I post all the latest updates.

The Collections Feature

Organize swipes into your own collections & explore our own curated collections as well as those from other members

And believe or not, this isn’t even everything. There are more features you’ll have to wait & see to find out, when you log in.

How would you like to get immediate access to the Insiders Membership right now?

Because, within seconds, you can have complete access to everything I mentioned above, if you decide to become an Official Insider beta-tester right now.

This is your ONLY opportunity. I honestly don’t know when or IF I’ll ever make this public. I kind of like it secretive like this.

However, If I do, I’m going to undoubtedly start the price at a MINIMUM $100/month. In fact, many of my copywriter & marketer friends think that would be grossly undervaluing it.

But, because you’re a beta tester, I’m offering a special one-time deal at only $87/month. This is the only time I will ever offer that price as it will inevitably go up over time.

You’re just early to the party so you get to benefit. Act right now & you will be grandfathered in as an Official Insider & along with the discount, I will cover the cost of the shirt you just thought you were spending $28 dollars on.

So that means really, you’re only paying $54 today for your membership. Only $54 & right away, literally in the next minute, you will have access to everything I mentioned above, including 20 funnel dissections already in the archive.

It’s funny cause current Insiders are actually kind of mad at me.

They signed up even earlier, but got the same deal minus the free t-shirt.

As a recap, here are your options…

1. Pay full price for your t-shirt & miss out on this incredible opportunity (which you may never see again).

2. I pay for your shirt order (immediate win) & on top of that, for a super cheap price, you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the revolutionary membership I outlined above, joining some of online marketing’s biggest superstars & copywriting legends.

And on top of that, if it doesn’t live up to what I said. If you’re not 1000% satisfied, you will not only get back your first month’s investment – you also get to keep your free shirt.

Worst case scenario, you get a free t-shirt that you were originally intending to pay for. It sounds like it doesn’t even make sense for me, but I’m betting that like others on the inside, you’re going to absolutely love it.

By now, you know if this is right for you. You qualified, you read to the bottom, I think you’re ready, but you’re the one responsible for taking action. I’m just here to help.

Like I said, it’s not for everyone, but if you want to truly dominate at what you do & join the a-players, the top 1% of marketers & copywriters, then I highly recommend you take action now & don’t second-guess yourself later.

To get started, click the button below. I look forward to meeting you,


P.S. Almost forgot. On top of everything I mentioned, there’s also one more very big bonus. It’s what i’m calling the “Private Swipe File Hotline”. Let’s say you can’t find the inspiration you’re looking for on the site. What do you do? In your dashboard, simply click on the Swipe File Hotline button, type in your request & we will respond within 48 business hours.



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