Using Animated GIFS for Demonstration (Compilation)

swiped by Mike Schauer

Product demonstration is one of the most powerful tools in marketing. If you've watched infomercials before, you've probably noticed that impressive product demonstration...View More

Using Animated GIFS for Demonstration (Compilation)

Key Takeaways

  • In direct-response marketing, creating something pretty or flashy that doesn't contribute to more sales, is considered a waste of time. This is often the case with use of elaborate design or animation.
  • However, in the examples above, the animations are used to demonstrate the product. Sure, some may be able to do it more compelling, but the point is that animated GIFs can be a great conduit for quickly demonstrating your product & getting across what the benefits are, how easy it is to use, how simple it is etc.
  • Because it is now easy to turn a video into an animated GIF, creating a "demonstration GIF" is a very doable idea.
  • A demonstration GIF should ALWAYS be paired with supporting copy that gives the demonstration context & relates to key selling points.

Analyst Spotlight

Mike Schauer

Mike Schaueris the founder of and the main analyst in the swipes section. After intently studying & building conversion-focused websites for 6+ years, he started Swiped to help others master marketing & copywriting through the analysis of great examples!

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