$1.4 Million Launch from Neil Strauss (Harlan Kilstein/Frank Kern)

swiped by Mike Schauer from only375.com ran 2006

In September of 2005, Neil Strauss released his book The Game, which told his story of becoming a pick-up artist and venturing deep into the seduction community....View More

$1.4 Million Launch from Neil Strauss (Harlan Kilstein/Frank Kern)

Key Takeaways

  • If you're going to make big claims about the exclusivity of your offer, you MUST back it up with proper evidence. In this case, they mention that they've signed a contract to sell 375 so it's literally illegal. Although, this is a bit over-the-top, it's an example of what's needed to make the claim believable. Because Neil is a trusted authority, such a claim is accepted more than if it came from someone who hasn't built rapport with their audience. This deal was for avid followers of Neil.
  • The $3,779 price tag may seem ridiculous, but it's actually a good lesson in pricing. Many may have scoffed at the price, but remember, only 375 buyers were needed to hit the $1.4 million mark. It didn't need to & shouldn't have appealed to everybody. There are die-hard fans that were willing to pay for it. Also, the live event helped justify the price a LOT.
  • Profile all different types of success stories if possible so you are more likely to connect with a variety of people in your audience. If they hear a story that started with the situation they're in now, it's easier for them to imagine having successful results with the product.
  • Photos depicting an overwhelming amount of effort or research put into a product are great visuals to use for selling. Use Neil's closet full of notes visual as an example.
  • Neil followed up on the success of his book with this product. Use Neil's strategy of moving followers up a ladder & offering more in-depth products. If you don't, you're missing out on a lot of income potential.
  • In industries where new strategies & techniques are used competitively, it is highly-valued & pleasing to know that "secret, new information" being shared won't be seen by everyone & their mother. If you are in such an industry, you may want to think about taking the limited supply approach to play to that desire.

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