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when a piece of (direct-response) marketing is worthy of saving & referencing for potentially profitable ideas & inspiration a.k.a swiping

Swiped.co is the go-to resource for marketers, copywriters & savvy business minds who want profitable inspiration for their next big promotion or marketing campaign. We breakdown the psychology & strategy behind great marketing & copywriting examples so you understand what the secret sauce is that’s making people buy.

Swiped.co was developed from a culmination of three things:

1 The fact that there are hundreds of website galleries & archives of visual inspiration out there, yet none that specifically focus on marketing, conversion or consumer psychology.

2 Almost every marketer & copywriter has some type of swipe file where they stash inspiration for their next project brainstorm, but there’s no one particular place to share it with others.

3 Too many people simply copy what others are doing blindly & call it swiping. The real benefit is in seeking to understand why it works & why they’re doing it. That’s how you become a marketing master & that’s what this site is all about.

It’s about building a library of examples that through dissection, will further develop your marketing mindset while offering you a quick source of inspiration when you need it.

The big difference between this site & other inspiration sites is that we don’t share an example just because it has a cool design. We share examples that will help you be more effective in your marketing & focus on things like persuasion elements, compelling copywriting & great marketing strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Although we’re still a young site, we’ve already gained the support of very well-known marketers & have big plans to make this the “official place” for marketing analysis & inspiration.

To learn more about the site & “swiping”, check out my one on one interview with copywriter Kevin Rogers here.

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