Some Legal Stuff

So we all feel nice & comfortable here :-)

In case you were curious… takes copyright law seriously & is deliberately setup to strongly abide by the fair use doctrine found in Section 107 of the U.S copyright law.

Screen capture & commentary galore

Posting unaltered screenshots or portions of unaltered screenshots is fair use in itself. We even go beyond that by purposing these screenshots and images for educational use through direct analysis, commentary & critique in three evident ways. Through a comment section, two areas for analysis & an annotation feature that is separate from the image & does not alter it in any way, shape or form. The commentary aspect is the main value behind the website & what drives it. In other words, it is strongly encouraged & enforced. A user cannot make an upload without including their commentary of the image & a source link giving credit to the respective website which is linked very noticeably on the page in which the capture is posted.

Only the publicly available

The ONLY type of screenshots allowed here are depictions of that which are currently or once were publicly available and have been documented. This means no sharing of any content that was sold & meant to keep in private. The purpose of is NOT to share examples of what others teach anyway. It is to analyze what they do to sell & market it. It’s about learning by example & for this we need examples, publicly available ones, images, to allow annotation, feel me?

Just a good feeling place

We have zero intent to effect the value or potential market of copyrighted work in any way. In fact, is a site for PRAISING work. If anything, the source of the uploaded image is likely to attract people who are intrigued & impressed. is not a site for company, product or service reviews. This type of commentary will not be posted. Commentary posted includes analyzing the image from a marketing perspective (not that the type of commentary matters legally).

If your panties are still in a bunch..

& you come across an infringement of your work (which is highly unlikely considering the structure we’ve laid out) or you just happen to spot a questionable share, please email us anytime to notify us. Now that we’ve doled out the warm legal fuzzies, let’s get back to the fun stuff! Proceed grasshoppa….Browse Away

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