Product Partnership Strategy from Ryan Deiss

swiped by Swipe-Worthy ran 2011-2013

Below are landing pages for products that Ryan Deiss partnered with another expert & product creator on, but did the marketing & selling himself. The...View More

Product Partnership Strategy from Ryan Deiss

Key Takeaways

  • If you're a marketer & don't want to create your own product or be an affiliate, try finding an expert who doesn't want to do any marketing & sales & use their story, character & information to package a product & sell it. Because you're doing the selling, you'll be able to work out higher margins for yourself than if you were an affiliate.
  • This strategy worked for Ryan Deiss because he had a targeted audience to sell to. If you don't have a list, you'll need to drum up an audience using ads, list buying or other lead-gen tactics. Obviously you also must understand the audience & how to market to them.
  • In the VSLs for these products, Ryan does the talking & introduces the expert as a friend. If you want to be the main personality behind your info business, this is your best bet. Otherwise, you'd be creating a business that doesn't have a core voice & instead acts as publisher with a behind-the-scene team. One is more personal whereas the other is more corporate.

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