Emotions In Copywriting Cheatsheet

Victor Schwab’s 40 Key Emotional Drivers

People Want To Gain

People Want To Be

People Want To Do

People Want To Save

Gary Bencivenga’s Desire Checklist

Dan Kennedy’s Dark Arts Devices

AWAI’s 37 Emotions

AWAI’s Top 5 Emotions

29 Powerful Emotions Your Prospects Already Have from Clayton Makepeace

10 fears every human being experiences

11 frustrations that drive us nuts

8 common desires we all share

14 Questions To Ask About Your Buyer

Glenn Livingston’s 37 Emotional Benefits

The Livingston Paradigm Of Self Esteem

Category I: Self Actualization And Healthy Narcissism

Category II: Interpersonal Love & Romance

Categories I & II

Category III: Nurturant And Parental Esteem

Category IV: Altruism And Societal Esteem

Categories III & IV

More Feelings



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